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Academy & Fields

Southeast Texas Baseball Academy

PO Box 20412

Beaumont, TX 77720-0412

@ Ford Park Fields



The registration form says “April 30, 2025, is that correct?  Yes, the fall is the start of a new baseball season, so the age you play at is based on that date in 2025.

Do you issue refunds?  Yes, up until rosters are posted.  Once rosters are posted, we purchase insurance, shirts, hats & turn other players away, so no refunds will be issued after that point.

What is the family discount?  If the same household is registering more than one child, you will receive $35 off each additional child (first child is full price).  So if you are registering a 12 year old ($120), any additional 7-14 year old will be $85 & any additional T-Baller will be $25.

Is there a gate fee to get in park like there is during tournaments?  No, your registration fee is your only fee to play.  However, Ford Park runs the concessions & does not allow food and drinks into the facility.  Each team will be allowed to bring one team cooler for kid’s hydration drinks.

Can my child play up in a higher division?  Yes, its completely up to the parents if they want their child to play in a higher division.  However, it is not recommended.

Can I register an entire team or group?  In most cases, yes.  We will determine if the group keeps the league fair & may move a “stacked” group to a older division.  However, if you have a league quality group of kids that want to play on the same team, we will probably be able to keep them all together.  I can add kids to your group to complete the roster if you don’t have enough for a full team.  If a group registers and is deemed “stacked”, we will move you into a higher division or break up team.

Can I request a coach?  Yes, we will do our best to accommodate coaching request, as long as there is no team stacking.  Our goal is to balance the teams out as evenly as possible, so kids will get the most out of the league.  No one benefits from having teams that are much better or worse than everyone else.

How much will my team practice?  That is going to be entirely up to your coach.  However, I will stress to all coaches not to penalize kids if they miss practice.  The purpose of having the games on Sunday is to allow kids that play other sports like football & soccer to be able to play fall baseball.  All teams must roster bat as well, so coaches can’t take anyone out of the batting order.  

How will the end of season tournament work?  The last Sunday of the season, will be our end of the season tournament.  We will break all the divisions down into mini tournaments.  For example, Seeds 1-4 will play a tournament, 5-8 & 9-12.  Every team will have a chance to win a championship at the end of the year against other teams in their talent level.

Is there a pitching limit?  Yes, kids can pitch 12 outs, per Sunday (coaches must monitor it).

Is there a run-rule?  Yes, 5 runs an inning.  We want to keep the games as competitive as possible.

What type of ball will T-Ball use?  We will use safety balls (softer than standard baseball).

Can girls participate?  Absolutely, last year we had 5 girls play.

Do parents need to volunteer?  Only as coaches.  Even if you don’t choose to be a manager, please help your coaches out a much as you can.  No other volunteers are needed, umpiring, scheduling, field preparation, etc are covered with your registration fee.

What type of bats can we use?  Any bat approved for use by Little League, Pony, Dixie, USSSA, & PG Select Baseball will be allowed in the fall league (approved big barrels are allowed).  

Do we need to provide any equipment?  We will provide the kids with shirts & hats.  You will need to get your own pants, socks, belts and baseball equipment.