Southeast Texas Fall Baseball League Playing Rules

(We will go by Nations Baseball rules


Time Limits:

                        Coach Pitch -  1:05 games / 10 minutes between games

                        Minor/Major/Wood – 1:20 games / 15 minutes between games


Pitching/Mound Distance/Bases

                        Coach Pitch – Coaches will be approximately 40’ away, 60’ bases

                        Minors – 46’ Mound, 65’ Bases

                        Majors – 50’ Mound, 70’ Bases

                        Wood Bat – 54’ Mound, 80’ Bases


Games can only end if:

1.      Conclude 6 innings (there can be ties)

2.      Run Rule (15 after 4)

3.      Time expires and one team can’t catch up (game ends immediately)

5 Run Rule can NOT end a game early.  If time remains, and the game has not reached the above Run Rule (15 after 4), the game will continue until conclusion or time has expired.


Additional Rules


Pitcher Warmups: New Pitcher – 8 pitches, Returning pitcher – 5 pitches (keep the game moving)

Balks: Each pitcher gets a 1 balk warning per game.


Everyone must roster bat.  If someone shows up late, add them to the end of the lineup.  If a team doesn’t have enough players, they will not be penalized.  The other team can loan them their last out from the inning before to play outfield. Teams will be allowed to substitute freely, except for pitcher.  Once they come off of the mound, they can’t pitch again in that game.


5 run rule per inning, all age groups.


Kids will be limited to 12 outs pitching per Sunday.  5 run rule will be considered 3 outs. Coaches are responsible for monitoring their own pitching. Violation of pitching rules is a forfeit.


With 2 outs, you must pinch run your catcher with the last out.


Run rules enforced:  15 after 4.  Please make sure everyone has hit once.


Games are 6 innings.  Games can end early if it is a run rule or time has expired.  If the home team is winning and batting when time expires the game is over. Games can’t end early because of 5 run rule.  If time has not expired and it’s not a run rule, the game will continue.


We have a tournament/league director during the year & will be the one to talk to if any situations arise.  There will also be a sheriff at the complex if anyone needs assistance.




Jason Tyner